Tecline Military is a range of Tecline equipment designed according to the specifications of the orders for Special Forces.
The availability of Tecline Military products depends on the amount of production surpluses.

Tecline Teclight Military is used by the Special Forces during search and rescue missions as well as for visual recording in water of reduced visibility.

Carefully selected saturation of the Teclight light-beam reduces the light-reflection effect in closed spaces and open waters.
Teclight parameters enable efficient communication and tactical camera video recording.


– Material: aluminium coated with hard anodising / POM C (Delrin)

– LED: 1x XML II (communication mode/search), 7x XPG II (video mode/lighting)

– Power: 10W (communication mode); 30W (video mode)

– Lumen output: max. 3900 lm

– Light angle: 6° (communication mode); 120° (video mode)

– Light temperature: 6500 K (adjusted to the tactical cameras white balance)

– Cabel: „Lappkabel” 1,2m length

– Burn time: 7h (communication mode); 2h 30min (video mode); 1h 50min (communication + video mode)

– Max opreating depth: 150 m

– Weight on the Surface: 1kg (incl. battery)

– Battery: Li-Ion 11.1 V, 7 Ah, 75 Wh

– Charging time: 2h30’


– aluminium elements are coated with hard anodising – URS (Ultimate Scratching Resistance)

– teflon coated canister mounting ties, double protection

– polycarbonate glass, shock and cracking resistant, protected against fogging

– enlarged temporary „clip-off ring” designed for limited visibility 

– LVM (Low Visibility Marking)

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