The ultimate cave diving experience in Romania

Explore Isverna, the best destination for cave diving activities in Romania! The crystal clear water is waiting to give you an experience you’ll never forget.

The cave is located in Isverna village, Mehedinți county, Romania. With a length of over 4 km, of which more than half is completely submerged, Isverna Cave is crossed by a river with very clear water. The lakes and sumps in the cave, of which the longest, the Black Sump, make Isverna an excellent destination for cave diving activities.

Optionally, diving tours can be organized in other caves from the area.

We offer complete services of guidance, accommodation and food.

Both OC and CCR divers are warmly welcome.

Foto: Cristi Mitrofan

If you want to try a real cave diving experience well help you achieve your goals. For an exceptional experience we offer you complete services:

  • fills
  • carrying your dive gear inside the cave
  • guidance
  • rental gear
  • accommodation and food

The underground river that comes to the surface right from the entrance of the cave, inside, is encountered for the first time in the Green Lake area, at about 200 m from the entrance. A small waterfall upstream of the lake connects it with the Green Sump (50 m long and 13 m deep). From the lake hall, to the Yellow Sump (20 m long and 2 m deep), you can continue on the river through the Green Sump as well as through a fossil gallery. Beyond the Yellow Sump, traversing the cave is only possible using diving equipment. After a passage of 80 m length, traversed by deep water, you reach the Black Sump (660 m long and 44 m deep). Beyond the Black Sump, several sumps were explored, including the Gravel Sump (195 m long and −18.5 m deep), the Sand Sump (100 m long and -39 m deep) and the Final Sump (30 m long and – 5 m deep).

Due to the low water temperature ~ 8 ° C adequate protection is essential.

Even though the diving conditions in Isverna are very good, the profile of the Black Siphon, the dry galleries towards the diving site and the galleries between the siphons significantly increase the difficulty of the cave.

Foto: Cristi Mitrofan

Price list – 2022

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